The Building


The museum building was built in 1926 by Frank Evans to serve as a community center and provide offices for the Lake Mary Chamber of Commerce. The building was used as Lake Mary's City Hall after the city was incorporated in 1973, a function which it fulfilled until 1990 when the current City Hall was completed. The museum began in 1994 in a small room at the back of the building. The rest of the building was used as a gathering place for the City's seniors. The first librarian for the museum was volunteer Margaret Wesley. The museum now occupies the entire building, which has been designated as a National Historic Trust landmark.

The Lake Mary Museum is open

Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 10AM to 3PM

Wednesday and Thursday from 10AM to 6PM.

Groups are welcome by appointment.

Admission is free unless otherwise indicated under individual events.

Donations are always appreciated.

For more information:

Call 407-585-1481 or Email: